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Review: “Death Comes as the End”

Genre: Crime fiction, psychology

Published: 1944

One of the few titles which I have been longing to read for a very long time. I finally managed to get hold on this (an e-book version) and happily I can say the story really does live up to my expectations. Set in 2000 B.C. in Thebes, overlooking the Nile River, the plot has a romantic setting as well as an ingenious plot with multiple murders, which I’m sure we are only too happy to read!

The first character we get acquainted with is Renisenb, who is also the narrator of the story. Recently widowed, Renisenb returns to her childhood village in Thebes where her aging father and three brothers live. The father, Imhotep, is a Ka-priest who performs rites for the dead, while her older brothers Yahmose and Sobek work on their father’s farms. There is also Ipy, Renisenb’s younger half-brother, and Hori, the family’s scribe. The women in the family play major roles in the story too; first there’s old Esa, the grandmother; Satipy and Kait (the wives) and finally Henet, a distant relative. Add in Nofret, Imhotep’s new concubine, with Kameni, another scribe from the North, and the cast is set.

I will not go into depths of the plot here; sufficient to say that you can expect a lot of deaths and suspicions among the family members. Not much investigation goes on either; we are led to suspect one character after another, who were all eventually killed. The murders are all simple; and as the story progresses it was not difficult to guess who is the real culprit in this. I love how Christie describes each of the characters; how everyone’s real nature is so different from what they appear to be on the outside. Also, a little romance included in the end; how typical of Christie! Overall, a good and enjoyable read; now this title sits happily on my list of Top 10 Must-Read.

My rating: 4.5/5.0


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